AQ, ABQ… What do these mean?

Hey Everyone!!

Today’s blog discusses something you have probably heard before, but might not know or understand what it means. THAT’S WHY I’M HERE TO HELP!! 

So let’s get to it!!


AQ Courses are Additional Qualification courses, it’s in the name! They are courses that are added on top of the ones you already have. These help boost you knowledge and learning, as you are becoming educated on diverse topics, and help you stand out!


ABQ Courses are Additional Basic Qualification courses. Now, I know the name makes it seem like it’s not as important, because it has the word “basic” in it, BUT, I actually believe these can be worth more than some AQ courses.


You can upgrade your teaching qualifications by taking an ABQ course. For instance, if I’m in P/J (Primary/Junior), I can take an J/I (Junior/Intermediate) ABQ to upgrade my qualifications and be able to teach older grades. You can do this in certain subject areas too, such as Math.

Both of these are beneficial within your teaching journey, and I would highly recommend to keep updated with new knowledge and learning as often as possible, as long as you are interested in it, because like I said in my other article…you don’t want to take a course you aren’t interested in or won’t pursue anything with in your career in the future

Thanks for reading!!

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